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Why Do I need My House Pressure Washed?


When mold, mildew, algae and other airborne contaminants are allowed to remain on the exterior surfaces of a property, they will contribute to premature paint failure, and can also cause permanent staining on the siding material, concrete & gutters of your structure. It is imperative to maintain a clean property for desired curb appeal, along with providing lasting protection against the degradation of the building. 

Washing the home's exterior is an easy and affordable way to improve the appearance of your home. Even homes with brick and stucco siding can be washed if done correctly.Pressure washing can add as much as 5 to 10 percent to the value of your property.

Allowing mold and mildew to manifest around your home is not good for your respiratory system, and can create an unhealthy environment for those with allergies and asthma and are not good for your respiratory system. Our methods of cleaning will remove mold from siding, trim, and concrete surfaces.

Do you supply the water for homes with wells?

Yes! At Capital City Power Washing, we will supply water using our fresh water tank system on all of our service vehicles. 


Water can be brought on-site if needed, but customarily we use the customer's water supply for residential pressure washing jobs.

Will Capital City Power Washing harm my plants?

All of our cleaning is absolutely safe for plants, people and pets when handled properly. 

Our exclusive power wash cleaning method uses ultra safe self neutralizing cleaning and rinsing agents. All of our detergents are biodegradable and non-abrasive.

Can you wash a house or deck in the rain?

Yes. Your house is going to get wet when we wash it, so there is little difference to rain. We will reschedule if there is danger involved, such as lightning.

Do I have to be home on the day of service?

Capital City Power Washing work around your schedule, providing cleaning service so convenient that you don't even need to be at your property while we're on the job!  

If you are not going to be home on day of service, please remember to close all windows, clear your driveway and put away fragile decorations on your home and deck.

Can you remove oil stains on concrete from my garage or driveway that have been there for years? 

Of course! Oil stains can seep through concrete and after years of resting in the concrete it makes it much more difficult to restore a brand new look. 

Capital City Power Washing utilizes chemicals and detergents that dig beneath the concrete and eat away at the oils. Some stains will be completely eliminated and others will leave a small gray stain left after the cleaning. Either way, your concrete will look much better after being restored and cleaned by Capital City Power Washing professionals.

What methods of payment are accepted? 

We accept payments by cash, check or by credit card. 


We accept Mastercard, Visa and American Express. 

Why can't I get an estimate over the phone or Internet? 

We get this question a lot from our customers. Each and every job is different which requires different chemicals, pressures and cleaning methods. 

We visit each job for two reasons:


First is to get to meet face to face with our customers so we can answer in person all of your questions and explain our cleaning procedure yet if you are not home when we provide you with the estimate, we will leave your estimate in your doorway/mailbox. 

Second is so that we can actually see the work that needs to be done and evaluate it. This allows us to know what to expect when the work starts and the customer can see what to expect after the job is done. 

My contractor said my siding and deck are zero maintenance. Is this true? 

Low maintenance yes, zero maintenance no. Anything left outside in the sun and humidity will get dirty. Your car gets dirty sitting in your driveway, so does your house and deck. 

Why should I pay you for something I could do myself?

Great question! Washing may seem like a pretty easy task as first, but once you begin - it s a different story. There are many questions to ask yourself: What kind of surface do I need washed?, Do I need chemicals to get it clean?, What size pressure washer do I need?, Am I prepared to pay to rent a machine from a rental company?, Do I have a few hours to spare? 

Every job is unique and that s how we treat each. From our estimates down to the labor, we will provide the individual care and attention to detail that your specific job requires. From driveways to decks to roofs we do it all. We are fully insured and guarantee satisfaction. Before you go to your local hardware store and spend hundreds of dollars on a cheap pressure washer with parts that won t last, give us a call. After all, the estimates are free

Far too many accidents occur when inexperienced homeowners climb onto the roof to clean their own gutters. Trying to balance on a ladder whilst removing rotting, smelly leaves from your gutters is, at best, very risky but it has to be done.

Let us tackle this project for you. We will save you time, money and maybe even a sore back! 



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